Current Trends in the Analysis of Biopharmaceuticals 


Thursday, 27th May, 2021  
15:00 to 16:00 CEST (Berlin, Paris, Madrid)/ 09:00 to 10:00 ET 


Development and production of biopharmaceuticals is a growing segment of the pharmaceutical industry. A thorough characterisation of therapeutic biomolecules is key to the successful submission of data for regulatory approval of new drugs. The introduction of 'so called' biosimilars, and the rise of new therapies such as mRNA vaccines and therapeutic oligonucleotides, has further increased the demand for highly efficient analytical methods. In this webinar, Regina Römling, Senior Marketing Manager, will present some of Tosoh's solutions for the (U)HPLC analysis of biomolecules. She will give an overview on current trends in (U)HPLC applications in biopharma development and manufacturing. Topics will include new antibody modalities, nucleic acid-based drugs, and 'virus like' particles. New UHPLC and HPLC column developments and their use in methods hyphenated with mass spec or light scattering will also be covered.

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