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Life science companies face increasing demand to deliver innovation and value. As scientists strive to maximize the value of their work within a company's growth strategy, they need ample opportunity to focus on data analysis, decision making, collaborating with colleagues on new models of discovery, and other value-generating activities.

Science as a Service supports new and efficient ways of working in the modern laboratory. Avantor Services associates with real-world lab experience perform protocol-driven science, directly supporting the vision and strategy of each unique customer.

We hire, manage, and develop collaborative professionals with backgrounds in chemistry, biology, and engineering. Our support staff often work onsite, in customers' laboratories, or in a Avantor Services core lab. Either option allows VWR to expand the support system for our clients so highly valued life science professionals can focus on decision making, innovation, and value. This in turn creates opportunities for significant improvement in an organization's project delivery timeline.

We offer custom managed services for a wide range of chemistry and biology labs. Flexible deployment models allow our customers to address shifting priorities quickly. And our services are measurable, so you can be assured of the quality of the science and readily track your return on investment in Avantor Services.

What Areas and Processes Do We Support?

R&D Lab Scientific Support

Scientific Services for Research Labs

Qualified scientists with backgrounds in chemistry, biology, and engineering can support a wide variety of protocol-driven laboratory work, providing cells, reagents, and testing results for Pharma, Biotech, and Industrial customers. These managed services utilize standardized procedures, protocols, and service level agreements (SLAs)."

General Laboratory Management

Introducing an Avantor Services Lab Manager eliminates the need for your scientists to follow-up on routine lab operational issues. Our lab managers are well-qualified scientists themselves and are designated as first points of contact for all laboratory operational needs. Common functions of the lab manager include:

  • Training new staff on lab equipment/lab processes
  • Managing open access instruments
  • Performing routine equipment checks
  • Providing managerial oversight for our onsite scientific managed services associates

Screening Assay Lab

  • Liquid handling: quality control assessment of automation equipment
  • Preparation of reference compounds to required concentrations
  • Serial dilution
  • Set up and operate plate-based assays
  • Assay data reporting

Cell Culture

  • Conduct maintenance protocols
  • Media/reagent preparation
  • Ordering cells from cell bank
  • Basic microscopy
  • Cell resuscitation
  • Cell line passaging
  • Growth curves
  • Preparation of aliquots
  • Cryopreservation

Histology Core Lab

  • Processing and embedding tissue
  • Sectioning and cryo-sectioning of tissue
  • H/E (haematoxylin eosin) staining of tissue
  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining of tissue

Flow Cytometry Assay Lab

  • Maintain flow cytometry instrumentation
  • Setup experiment and compensation controls
  • Record sample data
  • Perform cell batch analysis and export report data

Genotyping Lab

  • Receive tissue samples
  • Perform DNA extraction
  • Develop sequence-specific genotyping assays
  • Select Primers and Probes
  • Perform singleplex and multiplex real-time qPCR assay
  • Generate genotype study reports

Freezer Farm

  • Catalog and barcode samples
  • Maintain sample database
  • Process sample requests from research groups
  • Sample expiration management
  • Process incoming/outgoing sample batches
  • Maintain equipment
  • Test alarms and backup systems
  • Alarm response

Discovery Chemistry Lab

  • Purification of small molecules by HPLC
  • Purification of small molecules by automated Flash Chromatography
  • Pooling and dry-down of chromatography fractions
  • Collect characterization data for isolated products (LCMS and NMR)

Drug Discovery QC Chemistry

  • Product appearance test
  • Viscosity of the sample
  • Karl Fisher test
  • Particle size analysis
  • Manage stability chambers
  • Drug Dissolution study by HPLC
  • Drug Content by HPLC
  • Degradation Products by HPLC"

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Production Support

We deploy experienced and degree-level bioprocessing professionals. In upstream areas, we support cell culture, cell banking, and on-site media/buffer preparation. We can also assist with production suite setups and manage single-use supplies. In downstream operations, our team can assist scientists with filtration, chromatography, and routine analytical checks according to lab protocols.

Avantor Services offers managed services customized for the bioprocessing industry. Our mission is to enable the advancement of bioprocessing science throughout the world. We use process excellence to deliver what we promise, accelerate discovery, scale-up, and improve productivity for you.

  • Manage buffer prep lab, equipment, single-use supplies
  • In-house solutions preparation from powders
  • Operate 2,000L single-use stirred tank systems
  • Perform QA/QC protocols
  • Perform daily lab equipment checks
  • GMP lab record keeping

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Sample Management

The management and retrieval of samples is critical. When samples are stored and logged in a systematic manner, scientists can complete more research, analyze and report data faster, and plan follow-up experiments.

Avantor Services ensures that compounds, clinical samples, production retains, and cell banks are well maintained. We offer a service that allows for efficient sample retrieval and delivery to scientists on request. If you need to get cells for an experiment from a stored cell line, we can optionally do the cell scale up on your behalf so that suitable quantities of cells are ready for an experiment.


  • Administration and receipt of tissues from external sources
  • Sample registration and tracking in biobank software
  • Receiving of ambient or frozen samples
  • Sample request processing and shipping of ambient or frozen samples
  • Raise and manage requests for histopathology

Freezer Farm

  • Catalog and barcode samples
  • Maintain sample database
  • Process sample requests from research groups
  • Sample expiration management
  • Process incoming/outgoing sample batches
  • Maintain equipment
  • Test alarms and backup systems
  • Alarm response

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