Všetko čo potrebujete - životné prostredie (All You Need)

Customers have told us that sometimes, with a range of laboratory products as large as VWR's, it can be hard to find just the right specialist product for an application. 'All You Need' guides encapsulate the key products from our range that are needed for a specific application in one compact publication, which means that you don't have to spend time searching - the information is all to hand.

AYN For Environmental Analysis

From simple visual analytical techniques such as strips or chemical kits using colour charts to mobile or handheld instruments including pH, conductivity and ion specific meters and mobile spectrophotometers, to the precision of laboratory instrumental techniques, this guide is packed with the products you need for easy environmental analysis.

The publications are available in both paper and electronic formats. Click below to explore or download our online catalogue - with pages you turn just like a book. For your paper copy please click on the request button to submit your details to your local sales organisation, who will send one out to you.