Upstream processing for microbial-based recombinant proteins

Using microbial fermentation for the development and manufacture of recombinant proteins keeps on showing advantages, e.g for the expression of proteins that do not require post-translational modifications - as microbial systems, such as E. coli, lack post-translational mechanics.

The Avantor portfolio addresses the needs in fermentation media and supplements. Our fermentation products support cell growth and productivity, while meeting the required quality and performance parameters that allow for seamless transfer from R&D, all the way through pilot scale and on to manufacturing scale.

Centrifuges and reagents required for primary recovery, concentration and clarification are available. Once your optimal in-house developed production based medium is determined, look to Avantor to custom manufacture your medium in liquid or dry formats and package them to allow efficient transfer to your bioreactor.

Avantor® J.T.Baker® brand offers the only cGMP manufactured IPTG to ICHQ7 standards, providing biopharma researchers and manufacturers with a solution to help scale recombinant vaccines from research and development to clinical then full scale manufacturing with speed, quality and confidence.

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