Circulating cell-free DNA isolation

Mag-BIND® cfDNA Kit

Circulating, cell-free DNA (cfDNA) holds great clinical significance for non invasive disease detection, diagnosis and monitoring. cfDNA are usually small fragments of DNA (size distribution peak at ~170 bp) found circulating in plasma, serum, or other bodily fluids and offers a tremendous potential as a screening method for tumour, cancer, as well as in foetal DNA studies. Circulating DNA extraction is often challenging as they are found in low quantities and accurate, consistent methods are needed to isolate the less abundant cfDNA with higher sensitivity. Omega Bio-tek has developed the Mag-BIND® cfDNA Kit (M3298) for automated, high throughput workflows using magnetic beads.

Product Details

Omega Bio-tek’s kit allows flexible sample inputs (0.5-4 ml of serum/plasma) and supports low elution volumes (50 µl and lower) for isolating concentrated cfDNA. The purified cfDNA is of high quality with little to no genomic DNA contamination and suitable for a variety of downstream applications such as qPCR, next generation sequencing etc. For high throughput applications, Omega Bio-tek’s Mag-BIND® cfDNA Kit using magnetic bead-based purification technology can be automated on most open-ended liquid handling platforms and provides a solution for processing 192 (1 ml) in 2 hours from sample tube to extracted DNA.

  • Rapid - able to process 192x1 ml samples in 2 hours on most automated liquid handlers
  • Bead-based - scalable DNA purification; 4 ml of serum or plasma can be eluted in as low as 50 µl
  • Quality - minimal genomic DNA contamination; purified DNA suitable for qPCR, NGS, etc
  • Automatable - adaptable on most open-ended liquid handlers
  • Cost-effective - 50% less than the competition, on an average

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