How to achieve correct and reproducible results in titration


Tuesday, 08th March, 2022
10:00 to 11:00 CET (Berlin, Paris, Madrid)


This webinar will show what steps are necessary to achive correct and reproducible titration results. Theoretical background will be combined with practical demos live from the lab.
Topics that will be covered are:

  • General aspects of titration
  • Why is the standardization / titer determination of the titration reagent important
  • What influence does the balance has on my result
  • What needs to be done to check the accuracy of my burette according to DIN EN ISO 8655
  • What maintainence steps are necessary before the titration is started
  • What are my titration parameters and what influence do they have on my titration result

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Presented by:

  Stefan Kaus
Stefan Kaus has a degree as Dipl-Ingenieur (FH) in Chemical Technology from Fachhochschule Darmstadt (now University of Applied Science) with a focus on Analytical chemistry. Before that, he was trained as a chemical laboratory technician at Hoechst AG. Stefan Kaus is Global Titration Product Manager at Xylem with more than 30 years experience in titration application, automation and development.
  Dr Jens Hillerich
Jens Hillerich has a PhD in chemistry from Technical University Darmstadt, with the focus on macromolecular chemistry. After his PhD he worked several years as Head of Laboratory for printing chemicals in a mid-sized company. 2016 he joined Xylem Analytics Germany as Application specialist for titration.

Christian Funke
After his education as chemical laboratory assistant Christian Funke studied Bio- and Nanotechnology with specialization in environmental sciences ate the University of Applied Sciences in Iserlohn. During his diploma he focused on infrared spectrometry applications in clinical research within a European project called CLINICIP. 

After his study he worked as a Photometry Application team leader. He joined SI Analytics (now Xylem Analytics Germany) end of 2015 as application specialist for titration. In early 2020, he completed a part time study as Validation Representative.