Discover a New Era in Microscopy


Thursday, 27th April, 2023
10:00 AM to 11:00 AM CET (Berlin, Paris, Madrid)


In this fun and interactive showcase event, Leica Microsystem's invites you to experience how microscopy has changed with the arrival of the world’s first imaging micro hub, Mica. We will showcase the most exciting features of Leica’s most recent innovation in life science microscopy. Imagine having everything you need for your microscopy workflows in one place, with a sample-protecting incubator and all with the single push of a button. You will experience how easy it can be for every scientist to set-up multicolour imaging experiments with Mica, regardless of how much imaging experience you or your team might have or whether you do widefield or confocal imaging. You will see how Mica radically simplifies imaging workflows by intelligent automation as well as combining widefield and confocal imaging into a single experiment.

We look forward to your participation!

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