Faster, Better, Tougher - enhance your first strand cDNA synthesis with qScript Ultra


Thursday, 17th  November 2022    
15:00 to 16:00 CET (Berlin, Paris, Madrid)


First-strand cDNA synthesis is an indispensable step that supports many methods for RNA analysis including monitoring changes in gene expression levels, profiling noncoding RNA, RNA pathogen quantification and sequencing of full transcriptome or RNA viruses. Despite the pivotal role of reverse transcriptase (RT), most commercially available RTs have limited speed, processivity, are adversely affected by sample matrix, or lack activity at temperatures sufficient to relax RNA secondary structure. These deficiencies typically result in incomplete and biased cDNA synthesis.

At Quantabio, we have engineered a novel RNase H(-) RT called qScript Ultra that displays superior velocity and processivity with elevated activity over a broad range of temperatures. The enhanced velocity and processivity enables rapid and efficient conversion of long transcripts at elevated temperatures, maintaining linear and consistent cDNA synthesis over a broad range of RNA input quantity and quality. 

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