Inventory Management Software Solutions

Streamlining stockroom management

Inventory Manager software solutions; an end-to-end management ecosystem that streamlines the replenishment of your lab’s supplies

Efficient stockroom and point-of-use inventory management – having the exact product you need, where and when you need it – gives scientists the power to produce results promptly and pivot when needed.

That’s why at Avantor, our proprietary, cloud-based Inventory Manager software was developed to serve as the central transactional and intelligence hub for 360-degree visibility at the enterprise level. Real-time reporting and customized, on-demand replenishment of your lab’s consumables helps make supply stockout and overstock problems of the past. Plus, Inventory Manager is scalable to fit your lab’s evolving needs.

With Inventory Manager, your lab leverages an end-to-end product management ecosystem that streamlines and automates time-consuming tasks so your focus is exactly where it should be research and results.

Inventory manager


  • Fully integrated
  • Cost control down to user level
  • Reducing costs
  • 24/7 availability

360° deg visibility

  • Voice recognition driven search
  • Walking time to nearest point-of-use stockroom
  • Countertop deliveries

Mobile scanning

  • Android & iOS
  • Supports "bring your own device" strategy
  • Inventory at your fingertips

RFID self-checkout

  • Realtime inventory
  • User friendly technology
  • Lean cycle counting
  • 24/7 availability

Enterprise-level scanning

  • Offline & online data collection
  • Laser-sharp scanning technology
  • Enterprise-level lean scanning methodology

Chemical manager

  • Fully integrated add-on module
  • Container level tracking
  • Regulatory compliance & reporting
  • Full visibility
  • End-to-end chemical tracking

Inventory Manager Standard

Easy order management on, powered by Inventory Manager

Inventory Manager Enterprise

A complete end-to-end solution with unlimited functionality and connectivity