J.T.Baker® BAKERBOND® PROchievA™ recombinant protein A chromatography columns and resins

Enhance your separation power and increase product purity with the J.T.Baker® BAKERBOND® PROchievA™ protein A derived affinity chromatography resin. 

The BAKERBOND® PROchievA™ resin is optimized to deliver top performance in mAbs downstream processing and has demonstrated higher protein purity levels in more complex biopharmaceuticals such as Fc fusion proteins and bispecific antibodies. The ligand is manufactured via an independent supply chain while the resin is globally distributed through VWR, part of Avantor.

Product highlights:

  • Proprietary ligand developed exclusively by Avantor with demonstrated first-class dynamic binding capacity for mAbs and improved protein purification capability in complex molecules
  • Traditional porous 75um particle size and lack of fines allows for use with established column packing protocols and equipment, saving time and operating costs in your facility
  • Delivered in a nonhazardous, nonflammable buffer solution as a standard offering, reducing costs of special handling and storage

Available in conveniently pre-packaged lab columns as well as bulk packaging (25 mL to 5 L).

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J.T.Baker® BAKERBOND™ chromatography resins

J.T.Baker® BAKERBOND® chromatography resins

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