Fragmentation & Library Preparation

sparQ DNA Frag & Library Prep Kit

The sparQ DNA Frag & Library Prep Kit optimizes the integration of enzymatic fragmentation into a two-step protocol for the streamlined construction of libraries for sequencing on Illumina® NGS platforms.

The streamlined workflow can be completed in under 3 hours with minimal hands-on time and can accommodate DNA input amounts from 1.0 ng to 1000 ng.

DNA fragmentation and polishing reactions are combined in a single step producing fragmented DNA that is taken through 5´-phosphorylation and 3´-dA-tailing polishing reactions. Fragment size is tunable based on reaction time. Subsequent ligation of sequencing adapters can be performed without the need for an intervening cleanup step.

The optional HiFi PCR Master Mix and Primer Mix allow unbiased amplification of fragments with appropriate adapters ligated to both ends. PCR-Free workflows are enabled from 100 ng of starting material.

The streamlined workflow utilizes a proprietary enzyme mix that integrates tunable and reproducible fragmentation with DNA polishing simplifyinglibrary construction and minimizing over fragmentation. The same single reaction tube is used to proceed to adapter ligation and cleanup, minimizing sample transfer steps. A second tube is used for workflows requiring PCR amplification, and a final tube receives the sequencing-ready library.

Technical Literature

Product Flyer - sparQ DNA Frag & Library Prep Kit

sparQ DNA Frag & Library Prep Kit Product Manual

sparQ DNA Frag & Library Prep Kit contains:

  • DNA Frag & Polishing Enzyme Mix (5X)
  • DNA Frag & Polishing Buffer (10X)
  • DNA Frag Enhancer Solution
  • DNA Ligase
  • DNA Rapid Ligation Buffer
  • HiFi PCR Master Mix (2X)
  • Primer Mix

The sparQ DNA Frag & Library Prep Kit does not include adapters but is compatible with non-barcoded, single-barcoded, or dual-barcoded adapters routinely used in library construction workflows. Quantabio offers two sets of single-barcoded adapters available as companion products to the sparQ DNA Frag & Library Prep Kit. This kit is compatible with all adapters compatible with Illumina-based sequencing methods.

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