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sparQ HiFi PCR Master Mix

sparQ HiFi PCR Master Mix is a high efficiency, high-fidelity, and low bias PCR master mix for NGS workflows requiring DNA library amplification prior to sequencing. The kit includes a primer mix allowing amplification of DNA libraries flanked by adapters containing the P5 and P7 Illumina® flow cell sequences.

Higher NGS library amplification efficiency

sparQ HiFi PCR Master Mix was specially designed for high efficiency library amplification from low DNA input. The master mix minimizes the number of amplification cycles required to achieve the threshold required for sequencing. The result is a superior performing high fidelity master mix that increases library yield which reduces PCR-derived artifacts for a variety of sequencing applications.

Create amplified libraries with unbiased results

Comparison of library preparation performed with sparQ HiFi PCR Master Mix matches PCR-free workflows. Lower bias enables better coverage uniformity resulting in greater sequencing depth or multiplexing capabilities. Outcomes optimize your sequencing results and economics.

Main benefilts:

  • Increased amplification efficiency results in higher yields for NGS library amplification even from low input DNA
  • Unbiased amplification of DNA fragments provides improved coverage across AT- and GC-rich regions
  • Improved overall sequencing economics

Kit contains:

2X HiFi PCR Master Mix, Primer Mix and HiFi Enhancer

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