Library Preparation

sparQ DNA Library Prep kit

sparQ DNA Library Prep Kit is an optimized kit for rapid construction of DNA libraries from fragmented double-stranded DNA for sequencing on IlluminaR NGS platforms, and with input amounts from 250 pg - 1 µg

The streamlined workflow can be completed in under 3 hours with minimal hands-on time. A single tube is used for DNA polishing, ligation, and cleanup. A second tube is used for workflows requiring PCR amplification and a final tube receives the sequencing-ready library.

Technical Literature

Product Flyer - sparQ DNA Library Prep Kit

sparQ DNA Library Prep Kit contains:

  • DNA Polishing Enzyme Mix
  • DNA Polishing Buffer
  • DNA Ligase
  • DNA Rapid Ligation Buffer
  • HiFi PCR Master Mix (2X)
  • Primer Mix

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