Moisture Analysis

Moisture analysis is an important analysis in quality control, production control and product development in many industries such as pharma and food etc.
Moisture can affect the shelf life of products but also effects a lot of other applications. Moisture analysers are a fast alternative to the classic oven drying method.

VWR offers an important choice of moisture analysers from well known brands, such as Sartorius and Ohaus, including our own VWR brand, each with their specific features to fulfil specific application needs.

  •  Infrared or halogen heating for fast results
  •  Ceramic or coiled quartz elements for more precision measurements

Also verified versions (OCE) for use in legal metrology are available.

Product selection

Moisture analysers, VWR®

Economic range of rugged compact instruments for routine measurement.

Moisture analysers, Ohaus

With focus on accuracy and ease of use, for routine and professional use.

Moisture analysers, Sartorius

Premium level with focus on high precision, for routine and professional use.

Weighing and drying dishes

Sturdy aluminium dishes compatible with most moisture balances and dryers.