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Micro Star 17 and 17R microcentrifuges combine power, versatility and convenience in a safe, compact, easy to use laboratory instrument. Both the ventilated Micro Star 17 and the refrigerated Micro Star 17R are designed to accelerate the routine sample preparation process for ie. PCR!

Microcentrifuges, ventilated/refrigerated, Micro Star 17 / 17R

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These small bench top centrifuges are ideal for sample prep in biotechnical industries, as well as for academic research. Flexibility to spin ie. 50mL conical tubes at over 12,000 x g or a wide range of microtubes at speeds up to 30,279 x g

Centrifuges, bench top, ventilated/refrigerated, Mega Star 600 / 600R

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These versatile centrifuges are ideal for a range of routine applications in Genomics/Molecular biology;Proteomics and Biochemistry. Create your perfect solution in seconds…!

Centrifuges, bench top, ventilated/refrigerated, Mega Star 1.6 / 1.6R

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