Single-Use Samplers For The Highest Standards In Sampling

Cleaning of samplers is a demanding, time-intensive task, especially when the material is greasy, strongly adhesive or toxic. Single-use is the solution

Sampling lances - for liquids

Single-use samplers for thin liquids to viscous fluids.

DispoDippers and DispoLadles

Dippers combine sampler and sampling container in one device, while ladles have embossed scales and two spouts for right- or left-handed users.

Scoops, scrapers, spoons and spatulas

Sampling tools to collect, handle and process sampling materials from very small (0,5 ml) to larger volumes (1 l).

Detectable sampling tools

Sampling tools that have a special additive that makes them visible to colour scanners, metal detectors or X rays, even though they are made of PS.

Blue colour sampling tools for increased visibility

Blue products, or parts of them, can be quickly found and easily identified because there is no natural food product that has this colour.

Bio line, sampling tools made from renewable raw materials - the highest quality and ecological sustainability perfectly combined

Only manufactured from renewable raw materials to create a completely sustainable product, the individual packaging is also made of bio-PE.