Practical UHPLC: Selectivity and rapid method development, method translations and instrument transfers


Wednesday 23rd January 2019
16:00 to 16:45 CEST (Berlin, Paris, Madrid)


This discussion explores UHPLC method development approaches from simple to complex, and how different variables influence selectivity for the chromatographer. With an understanding of selectivity, and using a variety of chromatographic data, stationary phase design principles are explored including how different chemistries can help the analyst. This is illustrated using a related substances method development activity. The principles of method translation (HPLC to UHPLC and vice-versa) is demonstrated. Transferring a gradient UHPLC method between 4 different instruments, (including 3 different UHPLC instrument vendors) is also shown with hints and tips for success. Finally, high resolution UHPLC separations are shown.