Award Winning Innovative ViVi-CR Cleanroom Helmet System

Award winning, sterile, ventilated cleanroom helmet and hood system ViVi-CR for operators in aseptic cleanrooms

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Operators in aseptic cleanrooms (class A/B), are required to wear hoods, cleanroom masks and goggles, but frequently experience issues with comfort, keeping cool and goggles fogging up. In trying to find a more practical solution, the Cleanroom Portfolio Director from VWR identified THI, as a potential partner for new product development.

THI are an experienced Austrian manufacturer who produce surgical helmets with many of the features required. VWR and THI have since worked together and have developed a new ventilated helmet system based on the original surgical helmet but designed specifically for personnel in EU-GMP Grade A/B manufacturing cleanrooms.

THI have successfully accommodated the industry’s requirements in terms of comfort, breathability, filtration performance, particle release, noise and panoramic vision. The resulting ViVi®-CR helmet is now a new and unique solution in the marketplace.

  •  ViVi-CR® creates a physical barrier between the user and their environment to reduce the transfer of particles, whilst providing a comfortable climate inside the hood for the operator using active air exchange.
  • The ViVi® system covers the entire head and face, while facemasks potentially leave room for uncontrolled air escape, and goggles may not cover all facial skin. The high airflow rates of ViVi-CR® eliminate any fogging issues, whilst the quiet operating noise enables communication with co-workers.
  • With gesture control fan speed adjustment, users can keep their hands at work and just nod their head to change the speed of the internal fans. Alternatively, in automatic mode, motion-sensing technology recognises physical activity levels, and automatically adjusts the fan speed.
  • Since its launch in 2019 ViVi-CR® has won the ‘Innovation Award’ at the 2019 ContaminExpo Congress, in Paris, and the 'Highly Commended' award at the Cleanroom Technology Exhibition in the UK.

The new sterile, ventilated cleanroom helmet and hood system for aseptic grade A/B cleanrooms, available exclusively through VWR.

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Experience the excellent combination of ViVi-CR hood system and DuPont Tyvek® IsoClean® clothing for optimal personal and product protection.

Instructional gowning video

GMP compliant donning & doffing procedures of Tyvek® IsoClean® clothing and ViVi_CR hood system