Trends In COD & Nutrient Wastewater Analysis


Tuesday, 13th April, 2021  
10:00 to 11:30 CET (Berlin, Paris, Madrid)


Wastewater discharge monitoring is an essential step in protecting natural waters. Every treatment facility monitors chemical oxygen demand (COD), and the nutrients phosphorus and nitrogen as indicators of treatment efficiency and compliance. Heightened awareness and changing regulatory requirements around COD and nutrients testing have led to more efficient, simpler and greener solutions.

Join Ralf Koenig's (Hach) presentation, an analytical expert on COD, nitrogen and phosphorus analyses. Ralf will cover error-free test performance, including test-specific preparation of wastewater samples and accompanying measures (QA/QC) to validate analytical results.

Ralf will also provide a high level overview of plans in the EU ('Go Green Strategy') to switch from established parameters, such as COD to TOC in wastewater analysis. and possibly establish total nitrogen as a monitoring parameter. Finally, Ralf will review phosphorus analytics and the link to the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD), which among other things aims to significantly reduce phosphorus and nitrogen concentrations in European surface waters.

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