Columns, PD MiniTrap™ G-10

Dodávateľ: Cytiva
28-9180-10EA 429.61 EUR
Columns, PD MiniTrap™ G-10
Kolony chromatografické
PD MiniTrap™ G-10 columns are pre-packed, single-use gravity columns for fast and simple desalting, buffer exchange and clean-up of biological samples. Ideal for clean-up of peptides, small proteins or carbohydrates larger than MW 700 before downstream analysis.

  • Pre-packed with Sephadex™ G-10 medium for efficient removal of contaminants such as salts, dyes and radioactive labels
  • High desalting capacity – no need for a purification system
  • Preparation of samples in the volume range 100 to 300 µl
  • Stable in the presence of all commonly used buffers

For larger scale please use PD MidiTrap™ G-10 columns (400 to 1000 μl).

Informace o dodávce: The delivery contains 50 columns.
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