Bioreactors, Wheaton® CELLine™

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Bioreactors, Wheaton® CELLine™
CELLine™ is a disposable, two-compartment bioreactor manufactured from optically clear virgin PS with a gas transfer bottom made of a moulded silicone membrane providing a 0,2 µm vent barrier. The compartments are separated by a 10 kDa semi-permeable cellulose acetate membrane and individually pressure tested for integrity. CELLine™ classic (CL) is ideal for laboratory scale applications using suspension cells or adherent cells in combination with microcarriers. The unit is optimised for cultivation of hybridomas and many other cell types (for example CHO, NSO, SF cells). CELLine™ adhere (AD) is specifically adapted to allow growth of anchorage-dependent cells (for example HEK, BHK, CHO cells). The CELLine™ AD bioreactor contains a woven PET matrix in the cell compartment providing an ideal surface for cell attachment.

  • Highly efficient with 50 to 100 times higher product concentrations compared to classic cell culture disposables
  • As simple to use as a standard tissue culture flask
  • Uses 90% less media supplements and requires less handling time than conventional flasks
  • Easily stackable
  • Packed individually in easy to open medical grade blister packs, sterilised by gamma irradiation, and pyrogen-free
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