Immersion Cooling Circulator, with Natural Refrigerant, Variostat

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HUBE2013.0003.01EA 8639.18 EUR
Immersion Cooling Circulator, with Natural Refrigerant, Variostat
Termostaty oběhové Otevřené cirkulační systémy Ovládácí jednotky termostatu
The Variostat can control the temperature of any size bath from −30 to 150 °C. The special construction gives the user flexibility in a number of different applications. With the infinitely controllable VPC pressure or suction pump, circulation in the respective bath sizes can be adapted for optimum results. Furthermore, the pump pressure for external applications can be set and controlled using the menu control with an optional pressure sensor. Insulated bath vessels are available in stainless steel as an accessory in three standard sizes or can be custom made with any desired dimensions.

  • Pilot ONE controller with plug & play technology, 14,5 cm touchscreen and comfortable menu navigation
  • Precise temperature control
  • Overtemperature and low level protection
  • Powerful pressure or suction pump
  • Programmer with calendar and clock functions, allows five-point calibration
  • PT100 sensor connection, USB and LAN interfaces

The Pilot ONE multi-touch controller features a brilliant 14,5 cm touchscreen with graphic functions and easy navigation menu in 11 languages. All important operating parameters and temperature values are clearly displayed on the touchscreen. The favourites menu, one-click operation and the integral technical glossary mean operation is simple. Integrated USB and Ethernet ports allow connection to a PC or network, e.g. for remote control or data transmission.

Maximum pump capacities:
27 L/min, 0,7 bar, 0,4 bar suction.

*Cooling capacity at 100; 20; 0; –20 and –30 °C.

Certifikácie: Complies with DIN 12876 safety class III, FL.

Objednávacie informácie: Supplied without bath.
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