Electric conductivity detector, CD-200

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560-0165EA 8690.3 EUR
Electric conductivity detector, CD-200
Detektory chromatografické
This electric conductivity detector is designed for ion chromatography. It is recommended for anion or cation analysis in aqueous solutions.

  • Built-in double-temperature control cell for highly sensitive measurement
  • Support of a wide range of measurements
  • Usable for ion chromatography with or without suppressor method

Measurement method: 2-electrode system
Measurement limit: 0∼600 mS/m (0∼6 mS/cm)
Measurement range: 0,0025∼5,12 mS/m, 0,025∼51,2 mS/m, 0,25∼512 mS/m
Linearity range: 600 mS/m
Cell volume: 2,5 µl
Pressure rating: 1 MPa
W×D×H: 260×400×150 mm
Weight: 8 kg
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