Agar dispenser

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PBIB13120EA 11100.99 EUR
Agar dispenser
Plničky Petriho misek
This compact instrument from stainless steel dispenses medium automatically to Petri dishes.

  • Warning light
  • Working capacity of 400 to 500 dishes per hour
  • Power requirements: 220 V, 50 Hz (different kind of voltage available request)

A peristaltic pump with sterilisable - silicone tubing and stainless steel - suction and dispensing tips single-phase geared motor dispense PVC chamber (with acrylic removable cover) into which the stacked. Petri dishes are dropped from their column magazine mechanical lifter driven by single-phase motor to raise the cover from Petri dishes for filling. Dispense area protected by UV lamp control panel comprising main switch, switch for independent dispenser operation, Petri dish volume dispenser switch, dispense area sterilizing switch and dispense timer.

W×D×H: 470×470×660 mm

Weight: 30 kg
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