Alcohol-by-volume (ABV) kit, Eclipse

Dodávateľ: Bellingham + Stanley
BELL44-839EA 86.5 EUR
Alcohol-by-volume (ABV) kit, Eclipse
This alcohol-by-volume (ABV) kit combines a refractometer and a hydrometer for the determination of alcohol content of finished beers wine and cider as well as for monitoring ferment in bottle beers and sparkling wines.

  • Quick and easy process to carry out
  • Special hydrometer scale covers most samples
  • Internet calculator via PC or Web enabled mobile device

The alcohol content of a beer, wine and cider may easily be established by combining the results of two simple test measurements, that of a refractometer (RI-Zeiss) and a hydrometer (SG). This kit is able to achieve an alcohol by volume accuracy of 0,5% ABV.

Certifikácie: Calibration showing traceability to ICUMSA and NIST.

Objednávacie informácie: Each components needs to be ordered separately to for a ABV kit.

Informace o dodávce: Supplied with paper lookup table for the calculation of results.

Pozor: Due to the achievable accuracy of this measurement system, results may not be suitable for duty or tax declaration purposes.
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