Robotic tips (CO-RE Tips) and consumables for Microlab

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Robotic tips (CO-RE Tips) and consumables for Microlab
Špičky pipetovací
Hamilton CO-RE tips were designed for MICROLAB pipetting workstations in order to solve the problem of sealing and alignment plagued by press-fit tip attachment techniques. Each CO-RE disposable tip has a circular groove inside the attachment orifice. An o-ring on the pipetting channel is expanded to fit this groove precisely providing an air-tight seal and straight alignment between tip and pipetting channel.

  • Pressure-based Liquid Level Detection (pLLD) and capacitive LLD (cLLD) with conductive (black) version
  • DNase-/RNase-free, pyrogen-free (endotoxin-free), PCR inhibitor-free
  • Stackable tip racks increase tip capacity on the workstation deck for longer walk away times: 1920 tips can be loaded in one step
  • Racks allow tips to be picked up by the independent channels or the 96-channel multiprobe head directly from the stack

The superior biological purity of the tips is guaranteed by a controlled production process. They are therefore suitable for both diagnostic and pharmaceutical laboratories in Genomics, Proteomics, Cellomics, Forensic and drug discovery fields.

Filter tips
- Maximum consistency in air flow and chosen porosity of filter element ensure optimal pipetting and dispensing performance across a wide range of liquid volumes
- Bacterial aerosol filtration efficiency of >99,9%
SLIM tips
- Minimise risk of liquid overflow in cluster tubes, deep-well blocks and two-phased liquid applications
- Especially for aspirating liquid in 'fixed height mode' down to the base of thin tubes
- Slim tips require labware files, liquid classes for single channels and CO-RE 96 probe head
Rocket tips
- 4-to-1 adapter enables flexible pipetting and saves times: No need for a second head or a complex head exchange
- For pipetting in 96 deep-well blocks and microtiter plates with well diameters ≥3,7 mm
Wide bore tips
- CO-RE tips with various distal end orifices which provide the flexibility when handling difficult samples
- Typical application areas: genomic DNA, fragile cell lines, blood fractionation to minimise shearing forces, pipetting beads or other viscosity liquids
Piercing tips
- Optimised to aspirate and dispense into various sealed labware which is pierceable with ≤10 N
- Optimum material composition – carbon fibre reinforcement allows piercing of various sealing materials

Informácie o príslušenstve: Reagent containers for Microlab STAR line
- Made of PP, autoclavable, with 60 or 120 ml capacity
- Can be placed in a reagent carrier on STAR line instruments
- With volume markings, without lid, with one (60 ml) or three (120 ml) wave breakers to avoid splashes during movements of the filled container
Deep-well blocks for automation
- Ideal for automated processing or handling large quantities of backup samples
- PP material is ideal for backup storage of pharmaceutical substances, DNA isolation, long-term sample storage, enzyme and tissue culture applications
- PS blocks are ideal for long-term storage of blood samples; easy optical control due to transparent wells
Waste bags, liquid-tight, welded
- Disposable PE bags (100 µm thick) are ideal for the containment and disposal of used consumables
- Bags fit on the waste hoop of the STAR line
Waste container and chutes for hazardous waste
- Container for hazardous waste is made of white cardboard, incl. yellow PE bag
- PE waste chutes are open and perforated on both sides, must be used with waste container

Balenie: Tips are either supplied in stackable Nested Tip Rack (NTR) packs – containing a disposable frame and five stacks with four tip racks – or in a blister pack containing five preloaded trays in a clear, recyclable PET thermoformed tray with a sealed paper lid.
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