Pump Tubing, Tygon® LMT-55

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Pump Tubing, Tygon® LMT-55
Hadičky Hadičky pro pumpy
Tubing, non-DEHP and phthalate-free for laboratory applications. Crystal clear and flexible, long-lasting and crack-resistant, the non-DEHP tubing delivers the same superior performance you have come to expect, but now in a formulation that contains a non-DEHP plasticiser.

  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Lot-to-Lot consistency for reproducible results
  • Contains no BPA or phthalates
  • Temperature resistance:–50 to +74 °C
  • Hardness (Shore durometer A): 55
  • Density: 1,18

Handles most inorganic chemicals found in laboratory. It is non-oxidising and non-contaminating, and less permeable than rubber tubing. The glassy-smooth inner bore helps prevent buildup to facilitate cleaning. Tubing is specially formulated for resistance to flex-fatigue and abrasion.

Length 381 mm, distance between stops 152 mm.
Length 381 mm, distance to stop 114 mm, distance between stops 72 mm (*).

Certifikácie: Complies with FDA, NSF, 3-A, meets USP Class VI
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