Multi purpose sprays WD 40

Dodávateľ: Köhler Technische Produkte
291-1253EA 12.88 EUR
291-1253 KOEHK-1596
Multi purpose sprays WD 40
Universal product that can be used in households, industry, garden, hobby or garage. Applied to the metal surface, the product quickly penetrates the rust, residues of buildup or other contaminants such as formed directly on the metal dense, non-greasy film with thickness measured in microns. Prevents impact of moisture. With just one spraying WD-40 combines five functions for which we should be using five different products. Cleans and protects metal from corrosion, penetrates and loosens stuck mechanisms and relationships, 'chase' the water and moisture, lubricates and stops squeaking. WD-40 is not electrically conductive, but provides good contact with any electrical circuits, as perfectly clean surface. Available in aerosol form and is equipped with attachments for access to inaccessible places.
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