Stepladder, mobile

Dodávateľ: Palbam
139-0031EA 4729.48 EUR
139-0031 139-0030 139-0029 PALB4-STLD
Stepladder, mobile
Žebříky a schůdky
Mobile stepladder in stainless steel, with moon castors. While weight is applied on the first step, wheels retract and the moon cups, with cleanroom-approved nylon guards, sit firmly on the floor, ensuring a safe climb.

  • All the ladders can be manoeuvred by a single person
  • Ideal if they have to be moved often

Height of top step from ground level when weight is applied are as follows:
One step ladder - 201 mm
Two step ladder - 520 mm
Three step ladder - 609 mm
Four step ladder - 782 mm

Informace o dodávce: Typically available from stock for direct shipment from the supplier.
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