Permanent cleanroom mats, B´Mat

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Permanent cleanroom mats, B´Mat
Rohože Rohože podlahové, permanentní
Permanent mats are installed to provide the highest level of cleanliness. The life of mats strongly depends on the volume, and degree of cleanliness of the foot and wheeled traffic. Solvent-based cleaning materials should, on no account, be used on these mats: They will adversely affect both the function and appearance. To avoid risk of slipping, it is also important that both the mats and the flooring should be completely dry.

  • Special polymer (bacteriostatic, ESD, non outgassing)
  • Attracts and retains over 98% of foot- and wheel-borne particles
  • Bevelled edges on all four sides, operators can walk without tripping, and trolleys can be pushed without effort
  • To restore its full efficacy, just mop, rinse and dry
  • Weight resistance: 84 kg/cm² (compatible with foot traffic, but also with light hand trucks)
  • Heat resistance: Use between 0 and 50 °C
  • Backed with strips of double-sided adhesive tape, allowing them to be fixed on the floor, if necessary

Colour: Blue
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