384-well microplates, PP, certified, WebSeal™

Dodávateľ: VWR, part of Avantor
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384-well microplates, PP, certified, WebSeal™
Mikrodestičky Mikrodestičky pro HTS
PP, non coated, non sterile, chromatography tested and certified. Manufactured from ultra-low bleed high purity basis resin, and fully lot tested by GC-MS for organic extractables. Designed for sensitive applications, lower sample concentrations, regulated laboratories, and/or TIC and full chromatograms.

  • Microplates are chemically and thermally resistant and will tolerate temperatures from −80 to +121 °C
  • SBS and ANSI standard footprint design for broad instrument compatibility
  • Ideal for pharmaceutical applications, sample collection and storage, combinatorial chemistry and HTS applications
  • U- and V-bottom well format for optimal sample recovery
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