Wafer baskets

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ENTEA12-01-0215EA 0 EUR
ENTEA12-01-0215 ENTEA89-01-0215 ENTEA14-01S-0215 ENTEA47-01-0215 ENTEA23-0215 ENTEA13-01-0215 ENTEA26-01-0215 ENTEA15-01-0215 ENTEA17-01-0215
Wafer baskets
Manipulace s wafery Vozíky na Wafery
These wafer baskets made of PFA are designed for processing and handling substrates. They are compatible with tanks and handles.

Compatible tanks:
A14 baskets: E12
A15 baskets: E12, E14-10-01, E22-101
A26 baskets: E14-25-01
A47 baskets: E14-21-01, E14-25-01

Compatible handles:
A14 baskets: A01, A07, A029
A15 baskets: A01, PA01, A07, PA07, A029, PA029
A26 baskets: A01, A07, A029
A47 baskets: A01, A07, A029
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