Pendulum hardness tester

Dodávateľ: TQC B.V.
SIMESP0505EA 440.16 EUR
Pendulum hardness tester
Meřiče tvrdosti
Stainless steel.

  • Easy menu driven interface with jog dial
  • Design 'solid supports' to level the instrument
  • Integrated storage of glass plate and pendulum
  • Menu driven calibration menu eases both Persoz and König method
  • The end of a test is indicated by a visual and acoustic signal

The pendulum hardness test is based on the principle that the amplitude of oscillation of a pendulum touching a surface decreases more rapidly the softer the surface. It has a wide range of applications areas including laboratories, coating industry, paint industry, and the automotive industry.

Certifikácie: ISO 1522 (2005) standard for the correct execution of the test.
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