Transport wafer carriers, 200 mm, 192/198 series

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ENTEPA192-80M-0603EA 0 EUR
ENTEPA192-80M-0603 ENTEPA19280M-61C02 ENTEKA19880MB47C02
Transport wafer carriers, 200 mm, 192/198 series
Manipulace s wafery Vozíky na Wafery
Trends in wafer processing technology have mandated advancements in wafer carrier technology to support today’s advanced semiconductor processing facilities. Wafer carriers designed for advanced wafer transport offer dramatic performance benefits over traditional low and mid-range wafer carriers.

  • Open side wall style
  • Locating track notches at the center of the thirteenth pocket
  • Pins and holes on the top rail
  • Wafer capacity: 25
  • D1 dimension: 25,4 mm
  • Pocket spacing: 6,4 mm
  • Pocket flat: 1,7 mm
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