Temperature control systems

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Temperature control systems
Termostaty oběhové Termostaty oběhové Systémy řízení teploty
ICC compact immersion circulators allow for flexible coupling to water baths of different volumes. They are designed for tempering liquids up to temperatures of 150 °C. The convenient carrying handle and compact design allow easy transportation as well as comfortable use. An economic and attractive solution for basic applications such as sample tempering and glassware heating.

  • Adjustable safety circuit
  • Switch from internal to external temperature with one key (only for control unit)
  • Optical and acoustic warning, example: For overheating
  • Powerful pressure/suction pump

The IC immersion circulators are designed for tempering liquids in open or covered water baths up to 250 °C. The flexible bath bridge enables easy mounting on different water baths. The IC control unit comes equipped with a removable wireless controller (WiCo) for easy and safe operation. The extended performance provides a solution for demanding applications in analytics and material testing field.
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