Glove box, stainless steel, filtered, Protector®

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Glove box, stainless steel, filtered, Protector®
These glove boxes with stainless steel liner provide inlet and outlet HEPA or ULPA filtration and a leak-tight physical barrier to protect the operator from exposure to potentially hazardous materials. Available with two or four glove ports (double version).

  • LCD display, large viewing area (double glove boxes have two viewing areas), space-saving inner and outer transfer chamber doors that pivot upward
  • Two 25-watt fluorescent lights; switches for light and electrical duplex
  • Built-in blower with speed control capable of airflow from 15 CFM to 85 CFM
  • Dry-powder epoxy-coated, 18 and 20 gauge steel exterior panels
  • Inlet and outlet particulate (HEPA or ULPA) filters to prevent contaminants from entering or leaving the glove box chamber
  • Particulate containment <20 nanograms per cubic meter
  • True Bag-In/Bag-Out Filter Disposal System for safe filter removal and replacement

Airborne particulate cleanliness (measured under positive and negative pressures per ISO 14544-1 test method) exceeds ISO Class 5 conditions (equivalent to Class 100) and achieves ISO Class 4 conditions.

Informace o dodávce: Supplied with a pair of neoprene gloves (size 9 ¾, 762 mm length). Please contact your local VWR customer service center for additional accessories. HEPA filtered glove boxes may be appropriate for use as containment isolators for applications that include compounds assigned ISO 4 and ISO 5 Banding Levels.
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