Electron micrography films

Dodávateľ: Electron Microscopy Sciences
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Electron micrography films
Filmy pro autoradiografii Fólie
These micrography films offer considerable latitude in performance and flexibility for most electron microscopy applications. They are suitable for medium-energy electrons (40 to 100 ky) and acceptable results can also be obtained at higher electron levels.

  • Engineered to produce high-quality images
  • Transmission Electron Micrography (TEM) or electron diffraction studies
  • Versatile image capture in the transmission electron microscope for life and material research

Micrography Film 4489 with less curl and shorter pump-down times. Approximately half the speed of Image Film SO-163. Coated on a 0,18 mm Estar support, electron microscope film offers dimensional stability and eliminates the use of glass support.

Image Film SO-163 are twice faster with broad exposure and development ranges. Single film to collect many electrons with improvements in SNR or fewer electrons in exposure-limiting situations (when graininess is a reasonable trade-off for higher speed).

Pozor: SO-163 film speed requires longer pump-down times and shows greater film curl. When using SO-163 for the first time, it is recommended to recalibrate the microscope exposure.
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