Cleanroom flooring, b'mat

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Cleanroom flooring, b'mat
Rohože Rohože podlahové, permanentní
B'mat decontamination flooring uses a patented polymer to attract and retain over 98% of foot- and wheel-borne particles. Particles are naturally attracted by the flooring surface, and are released only by wet cleaning. This flooring needs to be glued to the floor, which ensures a perfect hold and maximum lifespan. Ideal solution for contamination control in gowning areas, in material entry zones, and in cleanrooms.

  • To restore to full efficacy, just mop, rinse and dry
  • Low profile (2,5 mm thick) and bevelled edges, made from PVC welded on all sides, prevents tripping, and carts can be pushed without effort
  • Exceptional weight resistance: Ideal, not only for foot traffic, but also heavy lift or hand trucks
  • Core polymer properties: Bacteriostatic, ESD, non outgassing and chemical resistant

Friction coefficient: 2,02 (ASTM C1028), 4,05 (Tortus)
Load resistance: 84 kg/cm²
Heat resistance: Use between 0 and 50 °C
Surface resistivity: 108 Ω/cm²
Colour: Blue
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