Handheld digital microscopes, Dino-Lite Long Working Distance (LWD)

Dodávateľ: Dino-Lite

Dino-Lite® LWD
630-2655EA 1011.83 EUR
630-2655 630-1346 630-2654 630-2753 630-2653 630-2652 630-2651 630-1617 IDCPAM4115TF 630-1615 630-2659 630-2515 630-2657 630-2514
Handheld digital microscopes, Dino-Lite Long Working Distance (LWD)
These microscopes are ideal for tasks where extra distance to the object and a larger field of view is required. Magnification range: 5 to 140×.

  • High speed USB 2.0 connection
  • Long working distance of up to 22,5 cm (TF models up to 43 cm)
  • Metal housing or composite housing
  • Edge series models with high quality optics provide a very sharp, bright and natural colour image with very low aberration and vignetting
  • Wireless streaming to a tablet, smartphone, or computer is possible in combination with WF-10 unit (to be ordered separately)
  • Integrated polariser greatly reduces glare on reflective surfaces (some models only)

Models with Automatic Magnification Reading (AMR): Allows the included software to read the magnification setting from the microscope device, simplifying the measuring process.

Models with Extended Depth of Field (EDOF): Automatically capture and combine multiple images at different focus levels to produce a final image with greater depth of field.

Models with Extended Dynamic Range (EDR): Automatically capture and combine multiple images at different exposure levels to create an image with greater dynamic range.

Flexible LED control (FLC): Additional LED controls within the included software for adjusting LED brightness and on/off toggle by quadrant
Models with extra long working distance (ELWD): Extra long working distance up to 43 cm.

The extra working distance and larger field of view make this series an ideal solution for tasks such as repair, rework or assembly or for working with bulky objects or fragile objects that cannot be touched.

Informace o dodávce: Supplied with protecting pouch, caps (depending on models), software CD (DinoCapture software for Windows and DinoXcope for MacOS), and calibration target.

* AMR (Automatic Magnification Reading): Eliminates the need to enter the magnification rate manually, for easier and more accurate measurements.
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