pH/mV/°C meters, handheld, HandyLab 100

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pH/mV/°C meters, handheld, HandyLab 100
Meřiče elektrochemické Meřiče pH a multimetry
The HandyLab 100 is a precise, robust and easy to use portable measuring device with a single traditional analog channel. The AutoRead feature and the CMC function increase the measuring speed and accuracy.

  • AutoRead displays when the measuring value is stable and eliminates the risk of a premature reading of the faulty measuring value
  • CMC (Continuous Measurement Control) visualises whether the measuring value is still within the calibration limits
  • Storage capacity for up to 200 data sets, stored data can be viewed
  • Waterproof according to IP67
  • Backlit graphic display with clear text menu
  • Continuous operating time: Up to 1000 h without lighting, 150 h with lighting

Informace o dodávce: HandyLab 100/K includes: HandyLab 100 meter and solutions in a suitcase without electrode
HandyLab 100 Field includes: HandyLab 100 meter, pHTcombination electrode BlueLine 24 pH and protective armouring Z389 for field applications (standard case).
HandyLab 100 Routine includes: HandyLab 100 meter and pHTcombination electrode BlueLine 14 pH for routine applications (standard case).
HandyLab 100 Versatile includes: HandyLab 100 meter and pHTcombination electrode A7780-NTC30-DIN-N for versatile applications (standard case).
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