Sampling spatulas, earth-friendly, SP Bel-Art

Dodávateľ: Bel-Art
BELAF369310000EA 85.69 EUR
BELAF369310000 BELAF369310001
Sampling spatulas, earth-friendly, SP Bel-Art
PLA resin, translucent. These non sterile sampling sticks are made of earth-friendly polylactic acid.

  • Green alternative to petroleum-based sampling tools; helps meet sustainability goals
  • Comparable in strength and durability to PS, PP and other petroleum-based plastic resin sampling tools
  • Disposal options include industrial composting for biodegradability, incineration, recycling and landfill
  • Non sterile FDA Grade: safe for food, drug and cosmetic contact

The production of 100% plant-based PLA contributes less greenhouse gasses and uses less non renewable energy from source to resin than its petroleum-based counterparts, and the plants used are an annually renewable resource. The sticks are ideal for mixing samples, handling capsules, scraping containers or positioning solid samples for examination.
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