PerfectBlue™ dual gel system Twin S

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700-0436EA 1507.01 EUR
PerfectBlue™ dual gel system Twin S
The PerfectBlue™ Twin S system is designed for rapid separation of typical 10×10 cm mini gels. Due to its small size and a separation capacity of 6 to 30 samples it is particularly suitable for fast, analytical separations. A highly efficient cooling system ensures uncompromising results.

*Based on an average gel and a tooth with 14 mm depth

Objednávacie informácie: Complete system, with or without casting base, includes internal cooling core, SuperSafe cover with attached leads, 4× glass plate pair sets, 2× combs (0,8 mm thick, 10 teeth), 2× spacer sets (0,8 mm), 2× replacement gaskets, 1× blocking plate (for single gel runs), and 1× SpacerPlate.
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