Flip tube A

Dodávateľ: Hamilton
HAMI235693EA 209.71 EUR
HAMI235693 HAMI235692 HAMI235454
Flip tube A
Zkumavky Zkumavky robotické
The consumable flip tube® A is especially designed to automate the opening / closing of the lid by a controlled automated process, that applies a stepwise gentle pressure on the rear end of the hinged lid, enabling a fully walkaway automated process.

  • Made from highly transparent polypropylene for easy optical control
  • Contamination-free opening manually or by FlipTube® tool
  • Precise lid sealing to minimize sample evaporation
  • Pierceable lid and easy marking due to large frosted lid and surface on the side
  • Available in 'standard quality', 'biological purity tested' and 'biological purity PLUS' quality grade for guaranteed purity
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