Bottles, coliform water sample

Dodávateľ: Thermo Fisher Scientific

EPSC156-120STEA 852.58 EUR
EPSCP156-120PP EPSC156-120ST
Bottles, coliform water sample
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PP, PE or PS.

  • Certified sterile; manufactured under an ISO certified quality management system
  • Threaded screw closure for easy aseptic sample collection and secure cap engagement
  • Non-autofluorescent
  • Available pre-charged with a sodium thiosulfate (Na₂S₂O₃) tablet for sample de-chlorination, or without a tablet for un-chlorinated water sources
  • 100 ml fill line

Designed for use with EPA compliant total coliform and fecal coliform water analysis using the Colilert analysis method or equivalent.
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