Wafer isolation pods, M20X series

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Wafer isolation pods, M20X series
Manipulace s wafery Vozíky na Wafery
Advanced wafer isolation for 200 mm fabs. Trends in wafer processing technology have mandated advancements in wafer handling technology to support today's advanced semiconductor processing facilities. Advanced wafer isolation pods provide wafer isolation, and coupled with advanced wafer transport carriers, offer performance benefits over traditional wafer carriers and storage boxes. The M20X Series 200 mm Pod is a component of Silicon Delivery™ Systems and Services – Entegris's unique materials integrity management solution to cost effectively manage silicon from production to consumption.

  • Accommodate most 25 and 26 capacity 200 mm wafer carriers
  • Compliant with SEMI® standard E19
  • Side rails for PGV and AGV transport
  • Side handles for manual handling
  • Inert gas purge compatible option
  • Compatible with multiple ID options
  • Cleaned and cleanroom packaged
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