VWR® EZ-Vision® Bluelight DNA Dye 10000X

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VWR® EZ-Vision®
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VWR® EZ-Vision® Bluelight DNA Dye 10000X
Barviva Barviva pro elektroforézu
EZ-Vision BlueLight is a sensitive, non mutagenic and environmentally safe fluorescent dye designed for gel staining.

  • In-gel and post-gel staining
  • Compatible with gel documentation using blue light excitation
  • Does not affect DNA integrity for downstream applications

Compatible either with a UV transilluminator, or a gel reader, equipped with blue light excitation such as a blue LED gel imaging system or a Dark Reader®.

EZ-Vision® Bluelight DNA dye, 10,000X, is a concentrated solution that can be diluted 10,000 times for use in either precast or post gel staining. One vial (0.5 mL) of 10,000X solution can be used to prepare at least 100 precast or post-stain 100 mini-gels.
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