Titrators, Karl Fischer, coulometric, C10S

Dodávateľ: Mettler-Toledo

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Titrators, Karl Fischer, coulometric, C10S
The C10S KF coulometric titrators are ideal for fast and precise water content determination with very simple operation. Samples with water content between 1 ppm and 5% are analysed in single measurements or as sample series with statistics.

  • Colour touchscreen with simple-to-understand and fast-to-operate One Click® user interface
  • All users have their own homescreen with up to 4 dedicated shortcut buttons to directly start specific routine tasks
  • USB port enables connection of devices such as printers or memory sticks; data can be exported as CSV, PDF or XML files
  • Solvent Manager (optional) is fully controlled by the titrator and offers solvent exchange with One Click® without additional user interaction
  • Generator cell with or without diaphragm available

The user has the choice of a current generator cell with or without a diaphragm. For most samples the cell without a diaphragm offers more convenience, as no catholyte is needed. Due to the unique design, the diaphragmless cell even meets the demands of very precise low water content determinations.

Objednávacie informácie: C10S titrator is supplied with coulometric titration cell, generator electrode, DM143-SC electrode, cables and magnetic stirrer.
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