Compact Tube Furnaces R and RD Series

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Compact Tube Furnaces R and RD Series
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These compact bench top tube furnaces with integrated controllers can be widely used for a variety of processes. Equipped with a standard C 530 ceramic working tube and two fibre plugs they have an unbeatable price/performance ratio. Units feature rust-free, textured stainless steel exteriors. R models feature Tmax 1200 or 1300 °C, RD models have Tmax 1100 or 1300 °C.

  • Tube diameter: RD models 30 mm, R models 50 to 170 mm
  • Heated length: RD models 200 mm, R models 250 to 1000 mm
  • C 530 ceramic working tube and two fibre plugs supplied as standard
  • R and RD models feature S type thermocouple, except RD model with Tmax 1100 which has a K type thermocouple
  • Silent solid state power control relay
  • Non-classified insulation avoids the potential risk of cancer
  • Controller B 410 and C 450 can be read out via an integrated USB-process documentation

Informace o dodávce: Supplied with working tube and plugs. RD series available with digital R 7 controller with one storable holding temperature. R series is either available with the basic B 410 controller with LC display, featuring 5 freely adjustable programs and 4 segments and 2 extra functions or with the professional C 450 controller with LC display, 10 freely adjustable programs ramp and 20 segments and 2 extra functions. Professional P 480 controller with LC display, featuring 50 freely adjustable programs and 40 segments and 2 to 6 extra functions. The P 480 controller can also be used for single or three zone control for optimization of temperature uniformity, they can be adapted and upgraded extensively. All R and RD models are single phase except R 120/500/12 or /13, R 170/750/12 or /13 R 170/1000/12 or /13 models which are three phase with plug. Optional accessories such as over-temperature limit controller with adjustable temperature cut-out for thermal protection Class 2 in accordance with EN 60519-2 as temperature limiter to protect the oven and load, a cascade controller for temperature measurement in the working tube and behind the tube, working tubes designed for process requirements and three-zoned design with controller P 480 (heated length from 500 mm, for both 1200 and 1300 °C models) are available. Please contact your local VWR sales office for details of these optional accessories.

Pozor: Maximum continuous operating temperature should be 50 °C below the max. temp. of the model shown above.
* ΔT 10 °C, uniform length measured with end plugs fitted.
** 380 V three phase power supply.
*** ΔT 5 °C, uniform length measured with end plugs fitted.
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