Ceramic tubes, one end closed

Dodávateľ: Thermo Fisher Scientific
30062.DREA 104.82 EUR
30062.DR 30069.DW 30080.DR 30078.DM 30059.EM 30064.EH 30076.EO 30074.DM 30066.DR 30069.DM 30074.EH 30080.DW 30069.DR 30073.DR 30074.EM 30059.DM 30066.EO 30064.EO 30083.EM 30069.EH 30078.DW 30064.DM 30080.DM 30078.EH 30059.DW 30074.DR 30073.DW 30059.EO 30084.DM 30076.DR 30062.EM 30073.EH 30059.DR 30072.DW 30059.EH 30077.DM 30066.DM 30072.EO 30084.DR 30066.EM 30069.EM 30062.EO 30069.EO 30084.EM 30064.EM 30080.EH 30076.DW 30062.DW 30080.EM 30073.DM 30062.DM 30084.EH 30076.EM 30073.EO 30072.DR 30072.EH 30072.EM 30078.EM 30073.EM 30074.EO 30078.DR 30078.EO 30084.DW 30076.DM 30062.EH 30074.DW
Ceramic tubes, one end closed
Hadičky Trubky keramické
Pure Al2O3 Aluminium oxide AL23.

Dense, excellent thermal and electrical resistance properties, corrosion resistant, permeable to microwaves.
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