Detergent sampler Kit, Surfact-Amps™

Dodávateľ: Thermo Scientific
PIER28340EA 564.55 EUR
Detergent sampler Kit, Surfact-Amps™
Systémy pro extrakci proteinů Činidla pro extrakci bílkovin
Surfact-Amps™ Detergent Sampler is a collection of various Surfact-Amps™ detergent solutions and selected other useful detergents for protein research methods.

  • Precise 10% detergent solutions in ultrapure water
  • Easy to accurately dispense and dilute for use
  • Packaged in glass ampoules under inert nitrogen gas, ensuring stability and eliminating the accumulation of peroxides and degradation products

The Surfact-Amps™ Detergent Sampler is an economical way to test which detergent is most effective for a particular protein storage or experimental system. Surfact-Amps™ Purified Detergent Solutions are convenient 10% (w/v) solutions of commonly used detergents that provide unsurpassed purity, quality and stability for proteomics and molecular biology methods. Unlike neat detergent formulations, Surfact-Amps™ 10% Solutions are not so viscous that you can't aliquot them accurately. Three of the ten detergents in the sampler kit are supplied as solids (100 mg each) rather than 10% solutions.

Informace o dodávce: Kit includes Surfact-Amps™ X-100 (10 ml), Surfact-Amps™ 35 (10 ml), Surfact-Amps™ 20 (10 ml), Surfact-Amps™ NP-40 (10 ml), Surfact-Amps™ 80 (10 ml), Surfact-Amps™ X-114 (10 ml), Surfact-Amps™ 58 (10 ml), Octyl b-Glucoside (100 mg), Octyl b-Thioglucopyranoside (100 mg), and CHAPS (100 mg).
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